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Making A Monster Truck - Choosing The Right Embellishments For Your Ride

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Souping up an ordinary pick-up truck to make it bigger, badder, and flashier than anything else on the road takes creativity, as well as having the right sources. Sure, you can get certain truck parts and accessories at your standard auto parts retailer, but you might also see other truck owners with similarly outfitted vehicles. Make a bold statement with your well equipped and fully loaded pickup truck by focusing on these key details.

The Right Wheels

Your truck is going to need oversized tires—and a lot of them—to truly rule the road and sit high above the rest. You will want street legal truck tires with well defined groves that will give your vehicle the traction it needs to get over and around any obstacle. Use personal discretion when picking out a set of rims that both fit and aesthetically compliment your tires, as most other drivers will see your wheels before they get a glimpse of that glorious truck cab.

Hypnotic Headlights

Whether you get halogen lights installed or have chosen a gnarly set of flood lights to accent the top of your monster truck, the idea is to go with lighting that allows adequate illumination. Some truck light accessories will enable you to light up the grille, as well as the sides and back of your truck, too. Get the right ones and no one will ever be able to miss your massive truck as it bounds down the road.

Trimmed Up Truck Rails

Another part of your truck that should be customized are its running boards. This area of your truck is going to get a lot of attention, as you and your passengers actively look down to ensure your footing is secure before stepping up into your beauty of a ride. Truck lighting accessories can be used to make your running boards glow in the dark or even change color for a fun nighttime embellishment.

Simply Sublime Suspension

This is the area of your monster truck that's going to need the most tender, loving care. When done right, you will be able to position the frame of your truck numerous inches above the wheels, making your truck light accessories stand out and giving you the very best seat on the road. Be sure that you don't raise the suspension in your monster truck too high, or you won't be able to take it off of your private property or show it off to all your friends.