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Understanding Why You Should Select A Car Carrier Equipped With A Rolling Tarp System

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When your perfect collector vehicle finally shows up on the auction block across the country, you will need to weigh your options in getting it home in one piece. Driving the vehicle home yourself can save you money in the end, but the vehicle may end up damaged during the ride. Arranging transport on a car carrier is a better idea as it keeps the vehicle far from the rocks and debris that can wreak havoc on the paint, glass, and other components. Unfortunately, open air transport leaves the vehicle susceptible to the same types of hazards as driving it yourself. Instead, it is wise to select a car carrier equipped with a rolling tarp system to keep your collector vehicle safe and secure during the ride.

Benefits Of Enclosed Auto Transport

Enclosed auto transport is the best delivery option for collector vehicles due to its ability to protect the glass and paint from damage. Understanding these benefits can help you decide if you want to select a car carrier equipped with a rolling tarp system for the delivery of your vehicle.

Glass Preservation

The glass on your collector vehicle can really take a beating while moving at highway speeds. Even small rocks can cause chips and cracks that destroy the glass surface. Unfortunately, once it is broken, you may find it incredibly difficult to find period specific auto glass as a replacement part.

Even if you can source vintage glass, you will likely pay quite a premium for the part and its installation. Furthermore, since vintage auto glass was precisely hand cut to find the vehicle year, make and model, modern variants may not provide an ideal fit and finish. A rolling tarp keeps your auto glass behind a protective shield throughout the entire ride to your home.

Paint Protection

Over the years, the clear coat on many collector vehicles starts to wear thin. In good condition, this protective layer acts as a buffer against sun, wind, and debris as your vehicle rolls down the road.  After several decades, however, your vehicle may have very little of its own protection against these elements.

Without protection, the paint could suffer severe damage that requires a complete respray to rectify, which could end up costing you thousands of dollars. Luckily, you can adequately shield your vehicle's paint from damage by placing it within the confines of a rolling tarp system during its ride on the car carrier.

Potential Drawbacks

The only potential drawback of selecting an enclosed auto transport system is the increased cost when compared to open air alternatives. When dealing with the transport of your collector vehicle, however, the increased cost is nominal at best. Once you take the potential bill for repairing or replacing rare parts damaged in open air conditions, for example, selecting a car carrier equipped with a rolling tarp system seems like an obvious choice. You will need to calculate your total using the quoted per mile rate to and compare the cost increase with the potential repair bills and determine if this option is the best choice for your vehicle.

Obtaining Adequate Transport

Once you win the auctioned vehicle, you may only have a few days to take ownership and arrange transport. While calling around for quotes, make sure to ask the car carrier companies if their trucks utilize a rolling tarp system to protect the vehicles.

When equipped on car carriers, the rolling tarp slides along a steel track to shield the vehicles from rocks and other road debris. Since the tarp remains taut, even in high winds, the material never comes into direct contact with the vehicle.

Upon arriving at your location, your driver will use the lever to retract the tarp before unloading your vehicle from the carrier. When protected by the rolling tarp system, your vehicle should remain in the condition described in the auction listing. For more on this topic, contact a company like Glider Systems Inc.